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U16 Netball Tournament

Before the half term break, some of our students competed in the U16 netball tournament which was a fantastic day out at Keele University.


Our Year 10 and Year 9 team made the decision to enter into the tournament even though they were not officially the U16 team and they did us proud. Our Year 10 team won 4 games, drew 1 game and lost 1. Which means we would have been joint second. However, the team who we drew against placed 2nd based on goal difference so just missed out on getting the medals.


An amazing 38 goals were scored over 6 games by Olivia and Megan. A shoutout to Ruth who had a fantastic performance in every game. The team were dedicated to the last minute and after playing 2 hours of netball (6 x 20 minute games) they won their last game 12-2.


Year 9 team were brilliant and definitely a lot younger than the rest but that did not stop them. They only had 1 sub and then sadly losing a player to injury they were down to 7 players on their last game. They walked onto the court for their final game valiantly fought against the older opposition and won their last game by a whopping 14-4! Samia and Emily scored all our goals.


Congratulations to both of our teams and all the hard work and effect that has gone into the tournament as well as the practice sessions.