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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Performance Figures

Performance information for The King’s Church of England Academy may be accessed on the DfE website by using the link below. 

It remains the case that where students have an excellent attendance record, show an excellent attitude to learning and commitment to personal study they consistently exceed expected national average grade performance by significant margins. 


It once again gives me great pleasure to share with you just some of the success stories from the Class of 2023. 

Progress 8 is deemed to be a key measure of school performance by the government. It indicates a student's average progress in their best 8 GCSE examinations compared with the average progress for similar students nationally. A positive Progress 8 figure indicates that a student has done better than expected whilst a negative figure indicates that a student has done worse. 


For example, a student with a Progress 8 score of +1.5 has, on average, done better than similar students nationally by an average of one and a half GCSE grades in each of his best 8 GCSE examinations.


The data below shares with you the amazing progress that students can make here at The King's Church of England Academy. Not only do our students achieve national levels of performance in their GCSEs but, so often, they go far beyond this achieving one, two or even three GCSE grades above in the full range of curriculum subjects.


Our first student focused slide shows you a selection of our top performers for Progress 8: 




Our next slides look at a selection of top performers for progress in English and then Maths:



As we continue our school improvement journey to make The King's a centre of academic excellence we are delighted with student performance in subjects that, apart from English and Maths, are included in the English Baccalaureate (science, geography, history and French):


The final slide we would like to share with you reflects the impact of the significant work we have done to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs and aspirations of our students. The data shows that in subjects that students have opted to study they have made some of the very best progress: