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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Academy Student Leaders

Towards the end of Year 10, students can apply to be Academy Student Leaders in Year 11. Our Leaders are our role models for all others within our community and have roles that continually work to develop and enhance the Academy. 


In performing duties as an Academy Leader, each leader will be expected to:


  • Support the Christian Ethos of the Academy, promoting our Christian values
  • Consistently role model those behaviours that we value, whilst avoiding those we reject at all times
  • Be dressed in immaculate uniform at all times, being distinguished by their 'Leader' badge and green tie. 
  • Complete a duty during social time that ensures the efficient running of the school day
  • Uphold the academy expectations of being Calm, Ordered, Respectful and Efficient
  • Be positive, encouraging and enthusiastic in motivating fellow students
  • Carry out a variety of tasks as may be directed by staff
  • To be outstanding ambassadors for the Academy at both internal and external events