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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Keep the Cash

Keep the Cash is an exciting and interactive experience, where students tackle some of the challenges and opportunities associated with building their own independent adult life!


The programme aims to show students the benefits of being able to plan their finances and essentially, be smart with their money. They learn that coping with bills and other household costs, together with managing debt will be some of the most common financial challenges they will face.


In Year 9, for example, students play the role of one member of a household of four young adults. They will take all the major financial decisions for a household, working together as a team in order to achieve their lifestyle goals. Students will need to take on board a wide range of views and opinions.


Can their decision making and financial awareness lead the household into a sustainable and ever improving lifestyle….?


Through the 'Keep the Cash' experience, our aim is that students will leave The King's knowing:


  • how to forecast their financial position on a month by month basis;

  • decide on spending and saving priorities;

  • the importance of managing their relationship with banks and other lenders;

  • the need to communicate their financial requirements clearly;

  • to write a CV;

  • to interview and learn from feedback;

  • the key financial ideas of interest, credit and debt and

  • how to use credit sensibly.

Meet the 'Keep the Cash' experts


Sean McGuire has a long history of working in financial education. He was the MD of FT’s Financial Markets & Corporate Division, and later became the Head of Corporate Training for Kaplan UK. He founded Keep the Cash to deliver financial life-skills education to UK schools and colleges, and, with colleagues, is now developing an online format called, to supplement and enhance live tuition in schools and colleges.



Adam Yates has over 25 years' experience working in digital content production. He was a producer and writer of content for Channel 4, before joining the International Centre for Digital Content at Liverpool John Moores University where he developed an interest in education. He has been part of the team at Keep the Cash since its inception and has helped develop the programme content for schools and online. Adam has also been a school governor for the last ten years.