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Discovering Life in all its Fullness


‘There is a general belief in many countries that school uniform supports the development of a whole school ethos and therefore supports discipline and motivation’. 

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Here at The King's, we believe that it is the attention to the little details that matters.  We believe that having high standards in one’s personal appearance is important - to have no standards is to remove expectation, aspiration and ambition. As a school, we are clear that we want to provide the very best education for the children and the local community that we serve.


In having a school uniform policy:

  • We are teaching our students that self-expression and individuality will, at times, have to take a back seat to conformity. The most obvious place for this is in employment, where companies will routinely have policies around how they expect their employees to look and behave. We do our students a disservice if they leave school believing that, at all times in their lives, they are able to behave and dress as they wish without any restrictions
  • We are promoting cohesion and good order in the school, irrespective of personal circumstances. In order to promote a sense of community and belonging, no one student stands out, either for affording or not affording expensive branded items
  • We are ensuring that a student’s attire does not pose a health and safety risk - that, for example, the dangers of wearing jewellery during practical lessons


As the school has chosen to have a uniform policy, parents/ carers need to be clear that the school is robust in its approach to ensuring that every student complies with all aspects of the policy. There are three mains reasons for this:

1. The implementation of a policy is either done properly or not at all. We either have the same consistent high standards for all or we have no standards and expectations – there cannot be a compromise for any individual.

2. Students are acutely aware of equality and fairness and they will rightly ask questions of the school leadership where they see students who have selected which bits of the uniform policy they will and will not adhere to.

3. Parents who have gone to great lengths to implement the uniform policy fully with their child will rightly ask why they have bothered to have those difficult conversations at home, when they see other students who are not fully compliant.


The Principal at The King’s can, in line with DFE guidance, discipline students for breaching the school’s rules on appearance and uniform. Such discipline will be in line with the school’s published behaviour policy. We are of course extremely keen to avoid reaching this position and for that reason we have created this dedicated page for the uniform policy expectations, going the extra mile to ensure that there is total clarity on what is and what is not acceptable.