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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Subject Studies

What to do   


1. Click on the relevant year group link below.

2. Select the subject your child intends to study.  This will open up the curriculum overview for the year. Along with information regarding the topic and key learning, you will also see the Oaks National Academy together with other tuition links such as BBC Bitesize and Youtube.

Note - if, when you click on the images, you are not taken directly to the website, hold down the 'ctrl' button and then click.



3. Depending on the term, familiarise yourself with the topic of focus and watch the suggested video tutorials. Where possible, we strongly advise that your child engages with more than one video.

4. In the first instance, it is important that students demonstrate an understanding of the information they have been given before attempting to complete any linked worksheets or quizzes. As such, your child needs to undertake one of the following activities to demonstrate they have engaged, understood and synthesised what they have learnt.

5. Your child should then complete the quizzes or worksheets which can be found underneath the lesson on the webpage


6. Retrieval activities play a fundamental role in a child’s learning journey as it is an effective way to commit learning to long term memory. As such, to conclude each school day, it is important your child is encouraged to reflect upon their learning by completing the activities found in the attached link

Students are expected to


  • complete all set work and, if requested, to hand it in via their school email

  • use school email to communicate with their teachers and ask questions if they do not understand/require help


Parents are expected to:


  • encourage and support their children's work as much as possible - including: finding an appropriate place for their son/daughter to work, checking that set work is completed and submitted

  • contact the pupil’s subject teacher/Form Tutor within school hours if there are any concerns

  • create opportunities to test your child’s learning and understanding of the day by engaging in regular discussions/ Q&A activities 

  • create opportunities to test your child’s learning and understanding of the day by engaging in a question and answer session based on the content of their reflection activity. Here are some examples of good questions you might ask

Questions to ask your child

Having finished a question and answer session you may sense a lack of certainty, clarity or confusion in the responses you hear. If this is the case, create an opportunity for your child to revisit aspects of their day’s learning at a later point in the week. To help them focus, give them specific things you would like to hear about again and, where appropriate, encourage them to email their subject teacher(s) for support. 


Where your child does may contact with their class teacher, can we please remind you of the necessary protocol we expect all students to follow.

Where there are no lessons uploaded to The Oaks Academy, alternative websites have been provided by individual subjects:


Using Bitesize, Youtube and MusicFirst as a source of information, students are to follow the same learning process as outlined above.

Coursework based subjects have compiled a bank of self-explanatory resources which will support your child to continue working on their externally assessed work. Coursework plays a significant role in the final GCSE grade.

Further support for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4


Should your child need further support, please follow this link to a range of teacher recommended revision guides.

Additional resources


Should your child want to develop their knowledge and understanding of a particular topic or subject, please do encourage them to browse the National Oaks online classroom.

All resources are free and do not require a login.