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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness


Year 8 - 2021/22



% Agree

My child feels safe at The King's Academy


My child is well taught at The King's Academy


Teachers expect my child to work hard in each lesson


My child understands and knows the behaviours we value and the behaviours we reject


My child receives reward points from their full range of subject teachers100


I actively encourage my child to complete homework to the best of their ability


As a parent/carer I understand the information provided in the termly progress reports


I believe the Academy is effective in communicating information to me about my child


Do you engage with the information shared through the WEDUC app, e.g. discuss your child's reward points for the day, discuss and check homework etc


When you have visited The King's website, do you find it useful and informative 




We asked parents to tell us about something we do well - Here are some of their comments: 

  • “Provide a good learning environment, with positive behaviour culture. Also encourage social development through clubs.”

  • “The virtual parents evening was very good, accessibility, clarity and flow of appointments were faultless. Thank you for this facility.”

  • “Provide a safe and enriched environment for my children. During parents evening I felt they all knew my son as a person and not just a pupil in their class.”

  • “Care for each child equally”

  • “The teachers are super sweet and amazing. I’ve never worried about might son while he’s under their care and guidance”

  • “You are amazing and making my daughter feel confident and positive. She is very happy”

  • “Great information all round and always kept in the know”

  • My daughter is struggling ……. however with all the support from the The Kings she feels as safe as she can. I really appreciate everything you are doing for her thank you.”

  • “Providing positive feedback and a clear structure against which to work has given him real confidence in himself and his own abilities. This has lead to a natural development of his skills without him feeling pressured or stressed. He is thriving at Kings”