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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness




% Agree

My child feels safe at The King's Academy


My child is well taught at The King's Academy


Teachers expect my child to work hard in each lesson


My child understands and knows the behaviours we value and the behaviours we reject


My child receives reward points from their full range of subject teachers100


I actively encourage my child to complete homework to the best of their ability


I believe the Academy is effective in communicating information to me about my child


Do you engage with the information shared through the WEDUC app, e.g. discuss your child's reward points for the day, discuss and check homework etc


When you have visited The King's website, do you find it useful and informative 




We asked parents to tell us about something we do well - Here are some of their comments: 

  • Provide a safe and enriching environment for my child to flourish and grow.”
  • My two daughters are blooming at Kings . After last nights meeting I couldn’t be happier with their progress .
  • It is very helpful to see the detail behind why reward points are awarded this way we can reinforce positive behaviours and skills at home and have more informed conversations about work done at school.”
  • The King’s supports students to excel in school to achieve their academic goals.
  • Every teacher showed care and understanding that is lost in most schools.. I see improvement in both my children because of this... Thank you all.”
  • Keeping update with school announcements, etc is easier on class charts.”
  • “My child feels safe and looked after in Kings which is so important to us as her guardians.”
  • The teachers always try to get the best out of everyone. Teachers are supportive and encouraging and many share their love of their subject with the children. The relationship built with form teachers is especially important and valued. Thank you.
  • Offer many opportunities for enrichment and developing character, not just focusing on academic things.”
  • Have high standards and high levels of discipline in place. This set them up well for the future.