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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness


Collective worship is an integral part of our Academy day. Although our worship is expressly Christian in nature, it is presented to be inclusive of students with any faith and no faith. Through collective worship, students can explore their own beliefs in a practical way and gain understanding and experience of different approaches to worship and prayer. As a Church of England Academy, we enable students to gain an insight into Church of England worship, which will include the use of certain aspects of Church of England liturgy (especially using appropriate service material, including prayers).  


The themes covered in worship link Christian doctrine with British values, RSHE topics and other issues raised in contemporary life and in student's academic subjects. They usually include a bible passage or verse, explaining and applying the themes in the bible to everyday thinking and action. On most days worship happens as part of Form Time where students engage with faith and belief as a class. Form worship allows opportunities for discussion, debate and reflection, as well as time to worship in artistic and creative ways. More information about the programme for our Daily Act of Collective Worship in form groups can be found on the Form Time page of the website. 

Once a week we have collective worship as a whole year group in the main hall. During this time our programme broadly follows the church calendar with special events marking church seasons: Harvest, Remembrance, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost - all have their distinctive worship patterns and emphasis. An annual memorial service complements the school's pastoral care team in providing our students space to process bereavement and loss, and to reflect on the hope found through corporate expression of faith and being part of a supportive school community. Worship in the hall is led by our chaplain, Richard, students, teachers and guest speakers. Our close connection with our parish church, St. Thomas' Kidsgrove, includes the Vicar, the Rev'd Iain Baker, coming regularly to school to lead collective worship. There will be opportunities to visit, attend and participate in collective worship in St Thomas’ Church, on various occasions throughout a student’s time at the Academy. 




Chaplaincy room


The Chaplaincy room is accessible to students on the ground floor, near the main circulation space of the cafeteria/atrium. It provides a safe space for students to take time out. Students can come during breaks and lunchtimes to spend time in a calm atmosphere. They are free to take the option to sit quietly or to chat. At certain points during the school year the room provides a prayer space to supplement the worship programme. 

Please click the picture below to see out Worship Plan for 2024-2026.