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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Parents' Corner

They say the hardest job you’ll ever have is being a parent. Having to manage all the new expenses that go along with having children—and saving for their future needs—are certainly big reasons why that’s the case.


Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. We have rounded up some of the best resources for not only managing your money wisely but also passing on those skills to your children.


Citizen Advice 






Money Helper - Catalogue credit


For support and more information about catalogue credit and shopping accounts, visit Money Helper clicking on the icon below.




Money Saving Expert - Cost of living


The UK is amid a cost of living crisis. Prices are rising at rates we haven't seen since the 1970s – energy, broadband, water, council tax, food, fuel and more which is why we feel the tips on Money Saving Expert will be incredibly useful. Click on Martin Lewis below for more information. 



Multiply your numeracy skills


As an academy, we are passionate about numeracy.


We want to ensure every member of our schooling community shares our passion and confidence with numbers which is why, we are supporting a national programme which aims to boost adult numeracy skills in Staffordshire, Multiply. Improving your numeracy skills can help in everyday life, whether at work, managing household finances or helping children with their homework. It can also help career prospects, whatever your line of work. 


The county council has been allocated £4.2million by the Government as part of the £570 million Multiply scheme. It is a three-year fully funded programme, giving people the opportunity to learn when and where they want.


This initiative is something which our curriculum lead developer, Sue Turner, holds dear to heart and because of this, is currently sitting on Staffordshire’s Multiply Working Group helping to shape and coordinate the direction of the programme:


'Numeracy isn't something we should fear because we use it every day in all areas of our lives. Our confidence and ability with numbers impacts us financially, socially, and professionally. It even affects our health and wellbeing. I want to support the families in Kidsgrove so they too feel equipped to tackle any mathematical challenge head on. We are incredibly excited for its launch in Autumn'.