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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness


Year 7 - 2021/22



% Agree

My child feels safe at the The King's Academy


My child is well taught at The King's Academy


Teachers expect my child to work hard in each lesson


My child understands and knows the behaviours we value and the behaviours we reject 


My child receives reward points from their full range of subject teachers 


I actively encourage my child to complete homework to the best of their ability 


As a parent/carer I understand the information provided in the termly progress reports


I believe the Academy is effective in communicating information to me about my child


I believe that my child benefitted from the two transition days


Do you engage with the information shared through the WEDUC app e.g. discuss your child's reward points for the day, discuss and check homework etc.


When you have visited The King's website, do you find it useful and informative



We asked parents to tell us about something we do well - Here are some of their comments: 

  • “Both of my children love the school and are doing well. They look forward to school which is a bonus! The teachers have a good rapport with my children, and support them well with their studies. The teachers and staff are a credit to the school. Thank you.”

  • “I am very pleased with how well my child has settled into the school. The teachers were informative and have got to know my child very well in such a sort time period which is very good to see. Well done The King's for all your hard work so far.”

  • “Employ lovely teachers. You are all brilliant at what you do. You as a whole school have made a big impression to us in just only a few weeks. Thank you”

  • “Always have the children's best interests at heart and are very helpful and approachable if a student has an issue or questions to ask.”

  • “Transition from primary school to high school was done well and both parents and my son felt good about the experience.”

  • “There seems to be a genuine interest in the child and a good level of knowledge in such a short space of time.”

  • “Praise my child for her strengths and build her confidence. Sending out cards is a lovely touch. Thank you.”

  • “Easy to get hold of reception with any queries.”

  • “Excellent teachers very informative parents evening thank you.”

  • “My child is enjoying school so everyone must be doing something right. :)”

  • “We feel that the staff have been fantastic in settling and motivating my child, huge thanks to all of her teachers, as she is happy and enjoying school.”

  • "It was brilliant to have face to face appointments back. Any issues have been dealt with swiftly and accordingly"

  • "This year, for us it has been all about the teachers - settling, supporting, encouraging and inspiring. A fantastic start to high school - thank you"

  • "The staff at The King's were very informative at parents evening and always support my child and help to get the best of his ability, they push him to reach his potential. Well done to all staff at The King's"

  • "All teachers know my daughter even though she can be quiet in some classes. With her teachers encouragement she has become more confident"

  • "As a school I am very happy with everything you do for my daughter she is outstanding in most subjects and loves school and that is on you as a school because you support her and every other student through the years"