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Learning with truth and love

Exams and Assessments

Here, you will find information on upcoming external examinations for Year 11 and 13, as well as information on internal examinations taking place in the academy. You will also find an important overview timeline for coursework activities externally assessed.

Timetable of Internal and External Examinations


DateExam or Assessment

Tuesday 1st - Friday 4th November 2022

Year 13 Mock 3 Examinations

Monday 28th November -  Friday 2nd December 2022

Year 12 Mock Examinations

Tuesday 3rd - Friday 13th January 2023

Year 10 Mock 1 Examinations

Monday 9th - Friday 20th January 2023

Year 12 and 13 External Examinations

Monday 16th - Friday 27th January 2023

Year 11 Mock 3 Examinations

Monday 6th - Friday 10th February 2023

Engineering Controlled Assessments

Thursday 23rd – Tuesday 28th March 2023

Catering Controlled Assessment

Monday 24th - Friday 28th April 2023

Year 9 Progress Examinations

Monday 15th - Friday 19th May 2023

GCSE Summer Season Examinations

Monday 15th - Friday 26th May 2023

A Level Summer Season Examinations

Monday 5th - Friday 30th June 2023

GCSE Summer Season Examinations continued

Monday 5th- Friday 30th June 2023

A Level Summer Season Examinations continued

Monday 3rd - Friday 14th July 2023

Year 10 Mock Examinations 

Monday 3rd - Friday 14th July 2023

Year 12 Mock 2 Examinations 



Ofqual has produced resources to support you in preparing your child for their exams and assessments. This includes the 2023 Student Guide and the recently published 2023 School and College Guide

Ofqual have also written a letter for parents outlining the arrangements in place for exams and assessments in 2023. This is published on their website and can be downloaded here Letter to Parents.

Coursework Overview Timeline


The coursework overview document provides an important insight into the focus of any given piece, its percentage contribution to a final GCSE grade and deadlines.


Parents and carers need to be aware that all deadlines are set by the exam boards and are therefore non-negotiable.


Crucially parents and carers need to be aware of points in the year where more than one piece of coursework task may be taking place and take steps at home to help their child manage their personal studies time effectively.


Information for Candidates


In this section you will find the JCQ exam rules and regulations to help ensure that your child knows how to conduct themselves in an examination. It is imperative that your child is familiar with these rules and understands the full ramifications should they be broken. 



Below is a link to the full list of JCQ guidance documents for students.