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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Life at The Sixth Form

A day in the life of a Sixth Form student


Hi, I’m Lily and have attended The King’s since year 7. Life in school has always been enjoyable however, now I’m in year 12, I find my journey is only getting better. I now have been given the freedom, independence and support to do the things I want to do, and be the person who I want to be.


The whole experience at The King’s Sixth Form feels personal. You walk into the common room and you know that you belong; you know everyone and everyone knows you. This is especially so with the teachers who know so much about each and every one of us.


Follow me as I talk you through a typical day in The King's Sixth Form.




Health and social care is my first lesson. This is a subject I studied at Key Stage 4 and was incredibly successful. I’ve always wanted to work with children so learning about human growth; how children learn, their needs and development is perfect for my future plans.





I’ve asked the Head of Careers and Higher Education for an individual meeting. We had an information evening about university applications recently, and I wanted to ask some questions. The Year 13s tell me that the UCAS support they’re getting is incredible.




For the next half an hour, I have form time. This is time where we come together as a form group and take part in a range of enriching and character development activities. Our programme is focussed and concentrates on a range of areas including careers and PSHE.




Next it’s my science lesson. We have brand new labs with up-to-date equipment which means we are able conduct experiments with ease. With small numbers in the class, the teacher is able to work with us very closely, personalising the lessons to suit our needs and requirements.




My free periods give me time and space to think, and to catch up on reading. I usually go to the library where we can use a laptop from the Sixth Form technology trolley. During this time, I am also able engage with my enrichment activities, completing online MOOC courses and workplace skills like first Aid and Health and Safety.




At lunch time, we are able to use the canteen and sandwich bar which hosts a range of different meals each day. When I bring my own packed lunch, I like to sit in the common room with friends and enjoy a catch-up.






For the final period of the day, I have been fortunate enough to have secured a placement in the local primary school. Each week, I attend St Thomas’ and support the class teachers in KS1. Some weeks we are doing craft, others, we are practising phonics or learning about habitats! This work experience is so rewarding and confirmed my desire to be a primary school teacher in the future.

The success of our students relies on their ability to meet high our standards and expectations of attendance and punctuality, progress, dress code and behaviour. Please click into the links below for further information.