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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

Interactive Bar


Learning with truth and love

Price lists

Drinks Pricing

Water 60p        
Cans of Suso 70p                  
Calypso 60p

Breakfast and Break Pricing

Fruit 35p    
Toast 35p 
Beans on Toast 55p              
Scrambled egg on toast 55p                           
Oatcake with cheese 70p
Half muffin / teacake / bagel 35p                                  
Filled panini 80p
Sandwich £1.40
Deep fill sandwich £1.55
Wrap £1.70
Baguette £1.70


Lunch Pricing

Meal Options
Daily meal choice £1.10               
Burger (alternative 1) £1.50
Chicken Fajitas (alternative 2) £1.05                           
Hot Dog (alternative 3) £1.60
Chicken Goujons £1.50
Main meal (daily choice and vegetables) £1.70
Main meal plus (daily choice and vegetables plus dessert) £2.30

Meal deal

(main meal plus with drink OR alternative with dessert and drink)

Dessert 90p
Salad pot £1.60
Sausage roll 85p
Snacks and Add-ons
Jacket potato 90p
Filling / vegetable portion 40p
Panini £1.50
Taco £1.50
Squares 49p
Pizza slice 90p
Chips or wedges (small) 70p
Chips or wedges (large) £1.40
Portion of vegetables, cheese or beans 45p
Garlic bread or bread roll 45p
Curry sauce or Gravy 20p