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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Behaviour for Learning

At The King's we believe in placing considerable emphasis on praising and rewarding students for their positive contributions to school life. Our Christian values are at the heart of the behaviours that we value so that students become good and honest citizens in today's world, ensuring that they fulfil their God-given academic and personal potential. We reward students for displaying these behaviours, with students gaining positive 50 points to their rewards total. The behaviours that we value are: click the image to make it bigger



CORE Expectations 


The behaviours that we value and reject are underpinned by our CORE expectations of our students being:






Rewarding our students


Here at The King's, we actively seek to reward those students who consistently display the 'Behaviours we value'. To find out more about our different ways of rewarding students, click on the icons below.

Our school values also underpin the behaviours we reject. We reject, in the strongest terms, those behaviours that do not enable students to be good and honest citizens in today's world. We reject behaviours that disrupt the teaching and learning of others and such behaviours should play no part in your development. They are the behaviours that we sanction as they have no place in our school and the wider community and will result in students having negative 25 points taken from their rewards total. The behaviours we reject are: click on the photo to make it bigger