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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Links With Local Schools

Links with local primary schools


We work closely with local primary schools so that children from KS2 and KS1 are able to use the specialist equipment and facilities here at The King's. For many years, local primary school children have attended several transition days at our school.


Over the past few years we have hosted a number of events and have established some regular initiatives:

  • During Science Week, Year 5 students from a local primary school came to The King's to use the science labs during Science Week, and KS1 children from a local primary school were taught by our science teachers in their own school;

  • Year 10 students from The King's visited a local primary school to help Year 6 to run a French café for parents in their school hall;

  • We provided science sessions for Year 5 students from local feeder schools to experience "hands-on" science with specialist scientists;

  • We hosted a language day for students from a local primary school;

  • Visits by Year 4, 5 and 6 students from several local schools;

  • The Newcastle Primary SEND and Inclusion panel is chaired by our Interim Head of School;

  • Primary school children are invited to watch our annual Year 7 performance (in 2024, this is "Shakespeare Rocks");

  • We have hosted a local Music Hub music festival for children from across Kidsgrove in partnership with the local hub;

  • There are routinely sporting events that are held in facilities here at The King's in order to help meet the needs of our partner primary schools;

  • We have run a summer school for "Year 6 into Year 7" students in August since 2012.