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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Year 8

Autumn 1

Health & wellbeing

Autumn 2

Living in the wider world

Spring 1


Spring 2

Health & wellbeing

Summer 1


Summer 2

Living in the wider world

Drugs and alcohol

Alcohol and drug misuse and pressures relating to drug use

Community and careers

Equality of opportunity in careers and life choices, and different types and patterns of work


Discrimination in all its forms, including: racism, religious discrimination, disability, discrimination, sexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia

Emotional wellbeing

Mental health and emotional wellbeing, including body image and coping strategies

Identity and relationships

Gender identity, sexual orientation, consent, ‘sexting’, and an introduction to contraception

Digital literacy

Online safety, digital literacy, media reliability, and gambling hooks