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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Year 13 Form

TED talks

We continue with TED talks into year 13 where students are further encouraged to challenge their ideas and discuss them on a more academic platform, helping them to develop their communication skills and prepare them for higher level discussion and thought for university, or beyond.


Perfect Pathways


Term 1


Choosing to go to university and which one to apply to is a very exciting and important decision for any student. Through our CEIAG programme, we provide support and guidance to students applying to university and we are delighted that each year the majority of students secure offers and places at their first choice universities. Destinations for students who completed their studies include Staffordshire, Manchester Metropolitan, Derby and Keele.


We are also committed to ensuring that students have access to research and consider universities to make informed decisions about the best route for them. With this in mind, we spend term 1 in year 13 building on learning from Y12; engaging with universities themselves and the range of courses they have to offer.




We recognise that university isn’t for everyone which is why we make sure that students at The King’s are well informed about the other options which are available to them once they leave sixth form.


In term 2, The King’s will be working alongside Achieve Training to ensure all of our students have the opportunity to explore the apprenticeship pathway and engage in work experience.


The bespoke programme will enable students to:

  • fully engage with and understand what an apprenticeship could look like

  • engage with workshops

  • complete taster days and work experience

  • speak to previous and successful apprentices/ employers

  • engage with enterprise days


Completing A Levels/ BTECs at The King’s means students have the potential to escalate through the apprenticeship course.


Currently, the apprenticeships available to students  with Achieve are:

  • business, management, accountancy and housing

  • digital

  • construction, building services and maintenance

  • manufacturing (including engineering) and gas engineering.


Financial literacy


At 18 years old, young adults are thrust out into a world where every step they take from graduation to retirement will be directly impacted by their financial knowledge and money management skills. Career decisions, buying your first house, getting married, having children—finances all play a massive role in each of these life events. And it's not just the major ones; finance is a part of our everyday life. Whether it's where we eat, what we buy, traveling, going out with friends or negotiating prices, every day we are faced with financial decisions.


With this in mind, In term 3, year 13 will embark on an exciting programme that  focuses on financial literacy. The sessions will be delivered by a member of the maths department during chapter time and will aim to inform our students about everyday financial terms and queries they will come across once they leave education. The programme is designed to support young people with their future financial decisions and general financial awareness.


As part of each session, we aim to provide information and advice on issues such as how to budget and save money or how to manage debt.  We will also discuss with the chapter group the difference between debit and credit card, point out the advantages and disadvantages of buy-now-pay-later offers and explain what different types of bank accounts are available in the UK.


Careers and personal development


At the start of the year, students are allocated a personal tutor who will support them with advice on job/ university applications, give feedback and write the school reference. On a Friday, students will have opportunities to work with their chapter leader/ personal tutor to ensure they are able to present the best version of themselves.