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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Year 10

Autumn 1

Health & wellbeing

Autumn 2

Living in the wider world

Spring 1


Spring 2

Health & wellbeing

Summer 1


Summer 2

Living in the wider world

Mental health

Mental health and ill health, stigma, safeguarding health, including during periods of transition or change

Financial decision making

The impact of financial decisions, debt, gambling and the impact of advertising on financial choices

Healthy relationships

Relationships and sex expectations, myths, pleasure and challenges, including the impact of the media and pornography

Exploring influence

The influence and impact of drugs, gangs, role models and the media

Addressing extremism and radicalization

Communities, belonging and challenging extremism

Work experience

Preparation for and evaluation of work experience and readiness for work