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Nightingale Academy

Discovering Life in all its Fullness

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Discovering Life in all its Fullness

Biometric technology

The school meals service operates with fingertip identification as part of our upgraded cashless catering system. This means that students will place their fingertip on a scanner whenever they are making payment for food or drink. This “finger image” is then translated in to a unique encrypted sequence of numbers and letters in such a way that it is impossible to recreate the finger image. At no time is the finger image stored on any computer system.

The sequence of numbers and letters is the students’ unique ‘digital signature’ and this digital signature is recreated each time the fingertip is scanned. It is not possible for anyone to access or de-encrypt the digital signature. This technology is very secure and is commonly used within secondary schools across the UK.

Legislation came into effect in September 2013 which requires permission for us to use this system biometrically. 

The catering system continues to interact seamlessly with ParentPay.


Overdraft Limit

In principle, we operate on a “no debt” basis. In practice, however, when funds are for some reason, students will be able to incur an overdraft of up to £3. If parents would like a higher limit, they can select a higher overdraft of either £5 or £10. However, under no circumstances can the overdraft amount be exceeded.

Spending Limits

Students are not subject to any particular daily spending limit unless parents request such a limit.

Parents and carers were recently asked to specify any overdraft or spending limit required. Any parents/carers wishing to set a limit, but have not already done so, should contact Kathryn Phillips at the school.

For children receiving Free School Meals (FSM), any spending limit will exclude the £2.50 FSM contribution.