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Nightingale Academy

Learning with truth and love

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Learning with truth and love

A structured working week

Step 3

We strongly suggest that you encourage your child to follow a daily timetable in order to help keep their learning broad and balanced.

EEF supporting daily routines during school closures

Research shows that students learning at home independently need more time to process, synthesise and digest new information than those inside the classroom. As such, we have proposed a timetable for both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 which takes this into consideration.


Please do not feel that you have to stick rigidly to these proposals, but rather use them as useful starting points to help your child structure their working week.



Enrichment work can include reading for pleasure, VIPERS activities, a careers activity, LEXIA or IDL. 



Enrichment work can include reading for pleasure, GCSEPod activities, extending and developing coursework, an ETONX course, or a careers activity