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Forgeing Futures with Vocational Focus

In response to the growing demand for skilled engineers, The King’s Academy has taken a bold step in offering vocational subjects, with Engineering at the forefront of its curriculum. From Technology at KS3 to the newly introduced T level at KS5, students are flourishing in their pursuit of engineering knowledge and skills.


Studying Technology and Engineering at The King’s Academy goes beyond traditional classroom learning. It empowers students to understand the mechanical and physical aspects of their environment, nurturing a sense of curiosity and problem-solving abilities essential for addressing real-world challenges. Through hands-on experiences like Computer Aided Design, students develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to tackle complex problems creatively.


At the heart of the program lies a strong emphasis on problem-solving and creativity. Students are encouraged to push boundaries, challenge norms, and think innovatively, preparing them for the ever-evolving demands of the engineering field. By sharing their passion and expertise, teachers at The King’s Academy ensure that students receive high-quality learning experiences that inspire outstanding progress and equip them with essential skills for active participation in society.


The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including understanding engineering drawings, proposing design solutions, and communicating engineering designs. Through challenging tasks and demanding activities, students are pushed to value creativity and deepen their knowledge of materials, properties, and manufacturing processes.


Currently, our Year 12 students are actively engaged in a multifaceted approach to learning, focusing on the employer-based project component. This hands-on unit not only challenges their creativity and technical proficiency but also nurtures their problem-solving abilities, preparing them for real-world scenarios they may encounter in their future careers.


This week, our students participated in a visit to Network Rail in Manchester, where they took on the responsibility of overseeing a hypothetical operation at a new environmentally friendly train station. They engaged in various project-related activities, such as coordinating communication channels effectively, ensuring compliance with legislation and regulations, and facilitating workplace coordination.


The experience at Network Rail in Manchester proved invaluable for our students, offering them a glimpse into the complexities of real-world projects and the importance of effective coordination and compliance. One student expressed, “Participating in the Network Rail visit was eye-opening. It showed me how crucial it is to maintain clear communication and adhere to regulations in project management. I feel more prepared for my future career knowing I’ve had this hands-on experience.”


Designed by industry professionals, the T level covers all relevant areas necessary for students to become competent and confident additions to the engineering sector. By bridging the gap between education and industry, The King’s Academy ensures that its graduates are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the modern engineering landscape.